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VENEZIA UNICA - Extra Benefits

Purchasing on Venezia Unica web site... you could benefit from a lot of extra discounts and facilities.

Show your Venezia Unica Voucher at the affiliated companies in order to benefit from services and discounts offered.

 Special Benefits for Rolling Venice holders






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The business concerns that are listed in these sections and offer special services or reduced tickets, have signed a formal contract with Ve.La. S.p.A.
Further to stipulating these agreements Ve.La. S.p.A. is able to guarantee the validity of the offer and quality of the business concerns.
However Ve.La. S.p.A. will not be held responsible for any poor services or proposals that they may offer, or for any problems that may arise within the aforesaid business concerns.

Ve.La. S.p.A. will not be responsible for any errors, imprecise information or changes to any of the listed services.

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We recommend…

  • Gran Teatro La Fenice

    Guided tour: an expert guide will illustrate the history of the Opera House and its reconstruction.


  • Ca' Foscari Tour

    A special guided tour of the most beautiful rooms of Ca'Foscari and Ca' Dolfin


  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo

    Come and discover The spiral staircase most impressive and valuable in Venice


  • Biennale Arte 2017

    The title chosen by Christine Macel curator of the 57th International Art Exhibition is VIVA ARTE VIVA.