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Tourist Tax

The City of Venice applies the tourist tax on tourist overnight stays. The tax is payable by all those (non-residents) who stay overnight in a hotel, hotel or non-hotel facility in the City of Venice for the first 5 consecutive days of stay. The full rate is between 1 and 5 euros per person per night, and varies according to the time of year (high season from 1st February to 31st December; low season from 1st to 31st January) and the location, type and classification of the accommodation facility.

With this small sum, you can contribute to the protection and safeguarding of Venice: the funds raised will help the city to improve the quality of the tourist offer (local public services, museums, events, hospitality ...) and to finance maintenance, use and recovery of the cultural and environmental heritage of the Venetian territory.

Children under the age of 10 and disabled people are exempt from paying the tax; while for young people between 10 and 16 years of age a reduction of 50% is recognized.

To find out in detail all the rates, reductions and exemptions provided, visit the dedicated web page of the City of Venice (in italian).


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In each “sestiere”- which in Venice, is equivalent to a district - you can find public telephones. Telephone cards can be bought from the tobacconist, newsagents, post office and currency exchange offices.
To phone an Italian number you must dial “0” then the city area code: e.g. 041 – the area code for Venice, and the number – 123456.
To call an Italian number from abroad, you must dial “00” for international, “39” for Italy, then the city area code and the receiver's number – e.g. 00 39 041 123456.
To call abroad, while you are in Italy, you must dial “00,” the country code, the city area code (without the “0”), and then the receiver's number. For example, 00 33 (France) and the telephone number without the “0”. To make phone-calls through the international operator/Telecom Italia, you must dial “170”.


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You will find many Internet points in the Venetian streets and alleys. These places are usually haunts for university students and tourists.  If you are a resident, a worker or a student from the Venice municipal area, you have free Internet connection through the city Wi-Fi network. If you are a visitor you can buy access through this site.


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Post office

You can buy stamps, telephone cards, send letters, packages, telegram, faxes, etc.  To find out the address of your nearest post office and get further information on times and services, visit the Italian Post Office website.


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Banks are usually open from 8.30am to 1.30pm, and from 2.45pm to 4.00pm - Mondays to Fridays. Some agencies are open 24 hours a day, and it is possible to use services through the ATM machine. It is also possible to exchange foreign currency even at the post office and currency exchange offices in hotels and travel agencies, upon payment of a commission.


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Health Assistance


In case of an emergency, please ring 118 which is the national emergency number valid all over Italy, and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call is free on landlines and mobile phones.

Health network project

The “Salute in rete” project organized by the Local health and care services -Ulss 3 Serenissima- offers qualified medical and emergencies services to residents, tourists, business operators, workers, commuters and students through a network of medical centres, units and equipment:


Pharmacies are open from 8.30am to12.30pm, and from 4.00pm to 8.00pm, Mondays to Fridays; and from 9.00am to 12.00 midday on Saturdays.  Opening hours are displayed at the entrance of each pharmacy, together with a night service roster. For more information please check pharmacies on duty

Doctor on call:
This service is operative every day from 8.00pm to 8.00am the following day; and on days before holidays from 10.00am to 8.00am the following day; on holidays from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

  • Centro Storico Venezia tel. 0039 041 5294060
  • Lido Malmocco Alberoni tel. 0039 041 5267743
  • Pellestrina tel. 0039 041 967549
  • Burano tel. 0039 041 730005
  • Murano S. Erasmo tel. 0039 041 5274078
  • Cavallino Treporti Ca’ Savio tel. 0039 041 5300214
  • Mestre Sud – Marghera – Mestre Nord tel. 0039 041 9657999
  • Marcon Quarto d’Altino tel. 0039 0422 824146

Doctor on call for tourists

Exclusively for tourists  in summer, from 13th June to 15th September. Clinic hours and home calls every day from 8.30am to 1.30pm and from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.  The clinic is at Via Lisbona 1 Ca' Vio-Cavallino, Venice. Tel: 0039 041 5300874


Venezia Centro Storico, Isole ed Estuario, Cavallino-Treporti
Venezia Terraferma, Marcon e Quarto d'Altino

First aid point at Lido di Venezia:

Ospedale Al Mare - Centro Sanitario Polifunzionale - (Outpatients clinic)

Paediatric Wards

Ulss 3 Serenissima Venezia Ospedale SS. Giovanni e Paolo - Pediatria - (Peadiatric ward) Ulss 3 Serenissima
Ulss 3 Serenissima Mestre Ospedale dell’Angelo - Pediatria - (Peadiatric ward)


Non-urgent healthcare transport with different organizations, see link
Health assistance for foreigners in Italy, see link

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High Water

When there is a “high tide” forecast - a meteorological phenomenon – citizens are alerted through loud speakers and sms services by the Centro Maree della Città di Venezia information service. Usually the high water phenomenon only lasts for 3-4 hours, and walking in the city is still possible with the use of boardwalks

Venice is unique, very precious, and VERY vulnerable; you support it with your stay: Funds collected through holiday/sojourn taxes contribute to enhancing, improving and updating the city,  ensuring  quality-increase in tourist services - local public services, museums, events, hospitality - and funding maintenance works, use and restoration of Venetian cultural  and environmental assets.

Learn more

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Luggage Storage

Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice
The Luggage Storage Depot can be found on the ground floor
Every day from 6.00am to 11.00pm
Tariff per piece:
€6.00 for the first 5 hours
€0.90 for each hour thereafter until the 12th hour
€0.40 for each hour after the 12th hour
INFORMATION info@confidstation.it

Venezia/Mestre -Mestre Train Station
The Luggage Storage Depot can be found on the ground floor
Every day from 8.00am to 8.00pm
Tariff per piece:
€6.00 for the first 5 hours
€0.90 for each hour thereafter until the 12th hour
€0.40 for each hour after the 12th hour
INFORMATION info@confidstation.it

Marco Polo Airport – Venice Tessera
The Luggage Storage Depot can be found on the ground floor, outside near Entrance E. It is managed by Cooperativa Trasbagagli.
Luggage can be collected every day from 5.00am to 9.00pm.
Luggage can be stored every day from 8.00am to 6.00pm.
INFORMATION: Tel: +39 041 2605043

Luggage Storage Depot at Piazzale Roma -Venice

The epot can be found near the Pullman Bar, on the same side as the Council Car Park.
Every day from 6.00am to 9.00pm
Tariff per piece is €5.00 daily
INFORMATION: +39 041 5231107

Luggage Storage Piazzale Roma - The Golden Luggage (a few steps from Ponte della Costituzione, landing line 2 AVM / Actv)
It is open every day from 8:45 am to 7:30 pm It has no availability limits and is served by multilingual staff.
5 Euro all day for normal size suitcases and 7 Euro all day for large size suitcases (over 70cm high) if you book online
It also carries out deposit-taking activities.
Very fast delivery and collection.

Ven-Tur - Venice
Castello 5496, San Lio Calle della Malvasia
(between la Salizada San Lio and Santa Maria della Fava church)
Every day from 9.30am and 7.30pm
Daily rate - €6.00 for the first piece of luggage and €5.00 for each piece thereafter.
There is a  security/safe-keeping service for small objects – keys, envelopes, documents, correspondence – daily cost of €2.00
tel. +39 041 4764907
cell. +39 320 2940500
email info@veniceluggagedeposit.com

- Rialto
Calle dei Botteri, 1651, Venezia
- San Marco – Fenice
Calle de Piscina de Frezzaria, 1657, Venezia
Cell: +39 334 1186460 

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Discover the Venetian dialect

Read  a small glossary of frequently used words


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Discover the cooking

Venice is a seaside city and our traditional dishes contain seafood. However there are also recipes with vegetables coming from the islands. eg. Artichokes from the island of Sant'Erasmo, and pumpkin, asparagus, radicchio, beans and peas - Read  the best recipes.


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Murano Glass Trademark

In 2002, Murano Glassware obtained full rights in the restricted category of Italian products boasting a brand of origin: Vetro Artistico® Murano guarantees the origin for consumers and protection for Murano producers who alone boast the secrets of a thousand-year-old artistic and manufacturing tradition handed down from father to son.

The Island received world-wide recognition and became one of the “Made in Italy” symbols.

The Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark was officially instituted by the Veneto Region and registered at the European Office (Alicante) for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs).  It is managed by the Consorzio Promovetro di Murano, an organization born in 1985 to defend and promote the thousand-year-old Murano glass industry and to to enhance its image, world-wide. The usage of the Brand name is governed according to guidelines, and must be applied only to artistically-styled Murano glass products that have been created according to tradition, even though they may seem modern and innovative. The following products come under this classification - Products for lightings; acid-etched, sand-blasted, or cut engravings and decorations; murrine techniques, mirrors, beads, lampshades and glassware with various beadings.

Seeing a master glass craftsman moulding raw materials still in the fire, is one of the most fascinating events even seen. As if by magic, shapes are born: fire, breath, pliers, a few simple hand movements, - but in reality, all comes about, after years and years of work and refinement of techniques, - an art handed down from one generation to another, over the centuries. Murano glass is a small secret hidden in a treasure chest in the Venetian lagoon.

Murano glass is prestigious. It is created and modelled by wise master craftsmen, who, still today, use a few simple steel tools, and repeat the same actions daily. Thus, each object is unique and inimitable. The mystery of water, fire and sand is part of our history, handed down over the ages from father to son. Finished products are like precious works of art.

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The Gondola

The gondola is the symbol of Venice. There is a thick network of waterways going through the city, which develops differently from land routes. This is true in the fact that many streams and canals do not even have a road alongside. Visiting Venice by gondola allows you to observe the hidden and usually unreachable corners of the city in a different way.

The cost of a 30 minute gondola ride is about €80.00. The water tour can start from anywhere in the city, but most gondolas are usually found in the main canals, or near the Venetian streets/alleys “calli” with the biggest tourist flow. All gondoliers wear the same sailor costume and straw hat.

Residents regularly use gondola ferries, to get from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. Therefore, the trip is always very short. For each crossing, there is a €2,00 tariff, payable to the gondolier where you get on board.

A list of operative gondola ferries (traghetto):

Santa Sofia - Rialto Market:
from Monday to Friday from 08.30 am to 07.00 pm
Saturdays, Mondays and Holidays from 09.00 am to 07.00 pm

San Tomà - Sant'Angelo:
from Monday to Friday from 09.30 am to 07.00 pm
Saturdays, Mondays and Holidays from 09.00 am to 06.30 pm

Santa Maria del Giglio - San Gregorio:
from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm

Riva del Carbon – Riva del Vin:
from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 am to 12.00 noon

Punta della Dogana - Calle Vallaresso:
from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm

Closed on 25th and 26th December, 1st January and 15th August.
On 24th and 31st December the service will stop at 01:00 pm.

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By bike

Please do not use a bike in the “calli” and “campielli” (small squares), if you do not want to pay an unpleasant fine. However the bike is the ideal means to use, in order to visit some islands such as Lido, Pellestrina and Sant'Erasmo. You will find landscapes of rare beauty along the bike tracks, far away from the usual tourist routes. You can discover the historical roots, environmental variety, traditions and culture that have become so famous world-wide.

To get to the Lido, where you can go for a peaceful bike-ride especially on Sundays, please take the motor vessel line LN leaving from the Pietà jetty, near St. Mark's in the old city centre. The route ends at Santa Maria Elisabetta's jetty.

However, if you are in Mestre or Marghera, go along the bike-track from Ponte della Libertà to Tronchetto. When you get there, you can board the ferry going to San Nicolò at the Lido.

If you are coming from Punta Sabbioni, the southern end of the Cavallino-Treporti coastal area, please board motor vessel line LN. You will arrive at your destination in about half an hour.

To get to the island of Pellestrina if you are at the Lido – go to Santa Maria Elisabetta's Square and then towards Alberoni for about ten kilometres. Continue on for another kilometre until you reach the jetty in front of the Rochetta lighthouse where you can catch the ferry for Pellestrina.

When you get off the barge, go along the road for about eight kilometres - you can't get lost, it's the only one! - the road goes near old walls, and the awe-inspiring dyke made of Istrian stone during the Republic of Venice era to protect the lagoon banks from sea erosion.

You will arrive at the jetty to catch the motor vessel headed for Chioggia. You can take your bike on board with you!

To get to the island of Sant'Erasmo if you are at the old city centre, go to the Fondamenta Nuove pier, which is about a ten minute walk from Rialto. Get on the ACTV waterbus route No. 13 and take your bike with you. Within half an hour, you will reach the island considered by Venetians to be the historical vegetable garden of Venice. The island is famous for vineyards, fruit trees, and above all, vegetables, with the purple artichoke of Sant'Erasmo being the most famous.

At Mestre and on the Venetian mainland, you can go wild, because you've got a variety of bike-tracks to choose from.

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    Public Transport Services (vaporetto and buses in the City of Venice)



    Parking fee for automobiles. Daily rate for 24 consecutive hours.