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Accessible Venice (Rolling Accessible Venice)

Accessible Venice


Accessible Venice MUNICIPALITY OF VENICE Direzione Affari Istituzionali Servizio Città per tutti Venice is a unique city not only for its artistic richness and natural environment but also for its particular morphology. The city is made up of 121 islets linked by 435 bridges, suggesting that the city is difficult to move about in and enjoy not only for people with reduced mobility but also for the elderly carrying their shopping, parents pushing a pram and visitors with their luggage. In fact, thanks to an effective public transport policy and measures implemented down the years by the City Council, the accessibility situation is much more satisfying than you might imagine. City for All is a service promoted by the Municipality of Venice to provide to city-dweller, residents or tourists useful information about services available for people with disabilities and publicize facilities and projects carried out to improve urban accessibility in such different places as Venice and Mestre. Tel. 041 274 8144 (Venezia) e 041 965 5440 (Mestre) -
Boat services ACTV Spa provides public transport. Boat landing stages, boats (“vaporetti”) and motorships are accessible. Motorboats are equipped with one wheelchair at a time. Ferry boats (Tronchetto - Venice Lido) are equipped with a lift and toilets for disabled people. Public Toilets Public toilets managed by Veritas Spa are free to disabled people. Obstacle-free itineraries City for all designed 12 routes without barriers to facilitate the visit of the City to disabled persons. The itineraries can be downloaded from (section “Venezia Accessibile”).  

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