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Bestimmungen zur Online-Buchung des Ferry-Boats

Regulations for online Ferry-boat bookings

1. An online booking fee of € 2.00 is charged per vehicle each way. The booking fee IS ALWAYS APPLIED, unless the booking is otherwise cancelled within the terms set forth in the following paragraphs, whether the passenger shows up at the booked boarding time slot (art. 5) or not.
2. At the time of online booking, customers with passes need to have the details of their valid vehicle Imob Pass as well as the vehicle registration number.
3. Bookings can be made from a maximum of 30 days up to a minimum of 3 hours before ferry-boat departure time.  Nevertheless, they must be made compatibly within the technical times required for the Lagoon Mobility Management team to organize route 17 ferry-boat services and the related times.
4. Two separate bookings can be made for the same vehicle, but only for two journeys on the same route with a minimum of two hours difference between them.  A maximum limit of 40 trips per vehicle can be booked in a single month.
5. Customers must go to the ferry-boat ticket office from between 40 and 20 minutes prior to departure of the booked journey. If you arrive late, your ticket will still be valid, but you will lose your place in the boarding queue.
6. The ferry-boat cannot be booked for the following vehicle categories: bicycles, motorcycles, road and agricultural machinery, tractor-trailers or articulated trucks.
7. Modifications or cancellations to the booking can be done directly on the www.avmspa.it and www.actv.it websites - Customer Services - Bookings, or by telephone via the DIME Contact Center 041 041 (From 08:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday) up to 4 hours prior to the departure time of the ferry-boat. In case of cancellation, customers who use the service occasionally will receive an email with details of how to request a refund.
8. Customers who use the service occasionally may only modify the time and date of the booking. If the modification concerns the category or vehicle registration number (even if the vehicle belongs to the same category), the booking must be cancelled and rebooked within the terms set out in art. 8.
9. When boarding, the ticketing staff will check that the correct category has been booked. If it is not correct, then you will be required to pay the full amount including the fare for the correct category + the booking fee when boarding. This is applicable to both single and return bookings. A refund of the amount previously paid can be requested by filling-in the appropriate form, which can be found on www.avmspa.it and www.actv.it - Customer Services - Contact us – Request Refund, attaching the documentation in your possession (online booking, tickets purchased at the ticket office and the sales receipt).
10. Customers who use the service only occasionally and who already have a ferry-boat ticket can book and pay only the € 2.00 booking fee and not the entire ticket, by contacting the DIME contact center from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.
11. Customers with passes can modify the time and date of the journey booked.
12. Customers who use the service occasionally can request an invoice only if they have an “Actv customer code”.  You can get this code by submitting the appropriate form (Request code) in the ferry-boat booking application.
13. Before paying for the booking, please check with your credit card provider that the 3D Secure protocol has been enabled (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and other international circuits).
14. We recommend using the updated version of the Chrome web browser that allows the use of pop-ups.  Other browsers may not guarantee proper functioning of the booking platform.
15. IMOB PASSES that have only just been issued will be active 24 hours from their issue time.
16. Ferry-boat bookings and payment for motor vehicles does not include the cost of the driver or any passengers.
17. The booking and amount paid will be confirmed when you receive an e-mail from Actv with the booking code and a summary of the booked service (date, time, departure station, vehicle number plate, etc). Actv reserves the right to suspend the service and any bookings already in place for reasons related to the operation of route 17 at any time.

ACTV Booking receipt

Thanks you for using our booking service. Please find your booking details below.



Booking date:  

27/10/2014 15:40

Booking code:  


Surname and Name:  

Rossi Mario


Voyage #1



Plate number


31/10/2014  09:00


Vehicle class

Auto lunga fino a 5m e larga piu di 1,85m [M:3]



Thank you! For any query on your booking, call the Dime call-center every day from  8.00am to 6.00pm ph. (+39) 041 041 (urban fare). 


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