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Kirumakata Glass Jewels

Kirumakata Glass Jewels


  • address: Castello 998, Fondamenta Sant'Anna - 30122 Venezia
  • phone number: 347 3607177
  • email:
  • web site:
  • information for booking your visit: visits by appointment as the workshop is not very large.

A self-made architect and craftsman who lives and works in Venice, I have been involved in design for many years. Since 2013, I have fallen in love with lampwork and Murano glass beads. I began my artistic training by following courses held by Murano masters and decided to open my own workshop near Via Garibaldi, an area steeped in artistic ferment thanks to the Biennale, which attracts artistic stimulation from all over the world on a yearly basis.

With my jewellery creations, born out of a passion for design and craftsmanship, I try to convey the beauty of this ancient art by bringing it up to date in contemporary shapes and colour combinations. I find inspiration for my creations in the natural world, where wonderfully imperfect forms are the focus of primordial emotions. My brand, Kirumakata, was founded in 2015 with the precise intention of combining design and craftsmanship in artistic creations for everyday wear by women and men attentive to carefully studied details, traditional materials such as glass and ceramics, and not to passing fads.

I personally design and develop my own collections of necklaces, rings and earrings, which I then create by working the Murano glass beads using the ancient “lampwork” technique. I like to combine glass with other materials, metal, wood and ceramics, all hand-worked by me, following tradition but blending it with contemporary design. When it encounters flames and heat, glass moulds itself into sinuous and soft shapes, making it the perfect material to convey ancestral sensations of surfaces hollowed out by time and made rough and coarse, yet not hostile, by the surface treatments that make Kirumakata beads micro-sculptures for wearing.

Kirumakata creations play with the harmony of colours, proportions and original design to create a unique piece that enhances the wearer’s personality.

I use traditional lampwork tools: Murano glass, blowpipe and pliers, while I use goldsmith’s tools to forge the metal.

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