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How to receive Venezia Unica services

City regulars (residents, commuters, students etc.) can use Venezia Unica city pass to access the services of partner companies. The system is designed to increase useable services. The following services are available now:

  • Public transport (Actv network and People Mover): to use Actv public transport and People Mover you simply have to go to a Hellovenezia ticket point and enable the Actv service on your Venezia Unica by signing the applicable application form. If you have an expiring imob card, you may apply for the issue of a new free Venezia Unica, while simultaneous enabling public transport use (ACTV activation detailed costs). At the Hellovenezia ticket network, after enabling the Actv service on your Venezia Unica pass, it is possible to upload Actv transport tickets and the People Mover pass. It is also possible to use the online pass recharging system from this link and clic&bip
  • Bike sharing: the bike sharing-enabled Venezia Unica pass is the access key to take a bike from its rack. To do it, you just have to go to an AVM-licensed ticket point (Mestre P.le Candiani 34, Lido via Pisani 10, for more details visit the AVM website) and enable the service on your Venezia Unica pass, signing the applicable application form. At the same offices it is also possible to recharge your credit to use the service.
  • Car sharing: the car sharing-enabled Venezia Unica pass is the access key to take a car. To do it, it is necessary to fill in the applicable contract from the AVM website, sign it and send it by mail to the specified address. You will be contacted by AVM to make an appointment at the licensed offices to get the countersigned copy of the contract and the supporting material to use the service. That's when you may apply for your Venezia Unica pass to be enabled to access and use cars so you should take the pass with you.
  • City car parks: for City Garage (Autorimessa Comunale) subscribers it is possible to apply to have the VU pass enabled to open the garage bar. The form is available online on the AVM website
  • Musei Civici (City Museums): Venice residents who will go to a Musei Civici ticket office showing their Venezia Unica city pass a free museum ticket will be issued, also valid for Venice born people.
  • WiFi Connection - Municipality of Venice: The Municipal Administration of Venice has created its own optical fibre- and wireless-based network infrastructure. The ownership of a broad-band network allows the city Administration to supply innovative services to those living in, working in, studying in or visiting Venice.
    Free network access is reserved to Venice Municipality residents and to "city users"(workers, students, professionals who work in the Municipality of Venice).
    To proceed to registration, it is necessary to fill in the online application on this link (web site in italian language).
  • Carta Giovani: Carta Giovani (web site in italian language) will also be soon included in the circuit of Venezia Unica available service, by the end of 2014.


In the future Venezia Unica may also be used to access services offered by other managers: other museums and landmarks, events, gyms, discounts with partner stores, and much more.

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