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Scuola Grande dei Carmini



Scuola Grande Arciconfraternita di Santa Maria del Carmelo in Venezia 

​Dorsoduro 2616-2617  
30123 - Venice
T. +39
041 5289420


+39 041 5289420

every day

h. 10am - 5pm 
€ 7,00 FULL
€ 5,00 REDUCED 
under 26 
€ 5,00 REDUCED * over 65

* REDUCED: Visitors up to 26 years and over 65
* FREE: Children up to 6yrs. [free tickets can only be collected at the ticket-office].

€ 7,00 FULL / € 5,00 REDUCED (under 26 / over 65 years)

The school of devotion and charity dedicated to S. Maria del Monte Carmelo ("dei Carmini") was elevated to Grande in 1767. The confraternity had built the current headquarters, designed by Caustello and Longhena, during the seventeenth century alongside to the church which belonged to the Carmelite monks.
The Scuola Grande dei Carmini is located on the corner between Campo dei Carmini and Campo Santa Margherita.

The School houses many works of art of inestimable artistic value including the famous ceiling with paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo.

The internal halls of the School have fully preserved the original ancient furnishings, consisting of important oil paintings, rich stucco ceilings and original carved wooden reredos. In the Sala Capitolare, where the brothers met in assembly to approve the proposals put forward by the Guardian Grande, the most important representative of the school elected annually by the brothers together with the "Giunta", between 1739 and 1749 Giambattista Tiepolo painted the nine incomparable canvases of the ceiling depicting at the top the series of theological and cardinal virtues and other attitudes of the spirit and the mariegola, which contains the rules of the brotherhood. Also noteworthy in the Archive and Hotel Rooms are the masterpieces by G.B. Piazzetta and Padovanino.

Chapel of Santa Maria del Carmelo and Sacristy
It is a large chapel, in Baroque style, with a single nave and covered by a thick wooden beam, dedicated to Santa Maria del Carmelo, protector of the confraternity. It houses works by Sante Piatti, San Simone Stock and Giacomo Piazzetta


Staircase and Sala Capitolare
The staircase leading to the upper floors, built by Antonio Gaspari based on a conception by Baldassarre Longhena, is initially structured on two parallel flights and after the mezzanine floor it becomes a single flight. The barrel vaults of the ramps and corridor are decorated with fine white and gilded stucco by Alvise Bossi. In the last ramp instead the stuccoes are the work of Sante Piatti.
On the second floor is the most representative room as it was intended for plenary meetings and large city ceremonies, the Sala Capitolare. This room is enriched in all its parts by the most precious works, among which the ceiling with paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo is particularly famous.

Archive room
The room has a series of windows looking out onto the Campo dei Carmini and is decorated with a refined inlaid floor of polychrome marble. Inside there are works by Giacomo Piazzetta, father of Giovanni Battista, by Gaetano Zompini and Giustino Manescardi.

Sala dell'Albergo
The Sala dell'Albergo is accessed from the Sala Capitolare. The Hall has a fine polychrome marble inlay floor similar to those in the archive and is surrounded by sculpted walnut stalls. The hall is also used as a small museum of the Scuola: the ancient banner of the Scuola and the ancient silver furnishings and other sacred vestments are on display.




  • € 7,00 (vat included) FULL ticket  
  • € 5,00 (vat included) REDUCED ticket (Visitors up to 26 years, over 65)
  • FREE ENTRANCE (Children up to 6 years) tickets can only be collected at the ticket-office
  • When: EVERY DAY (h. 10am - 5pm)
  • Adress: Dorsoduro 2616-2617 / 30123 - Venice