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Wi-fi connection (Rolling Venice)



//venice>connected Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the internet at public wireless broadband access points called hotspots. A network of 200 Wi-Fi hotspots in historical city center, islands and mainland.
Wi-Fi packages The Wi-Fi connection is free for visiting the web-sites listed on the bottom of page. Below you will find a list of //venice>connected Wi-Fi packages available for purchase: 

Buy on-line the WiFi connection on

How to access the service All you need to connect to //venice>connected Wi-Fi is a laptop computer or mobile device, such as Smartphones, with a Wi-Fi. Connecting to //venice>connected Wi-Fi service is easy, just follow the instructions: Step 1 Click Start and Select Control Panel. In Control Panel go to Network and Sharing. Select VeniceConnected from the network list and clic on Connect. Please Note: if VeniceConnected is not shown in the list of avaiable networks, you probably are out of network coverage. Step 2 Connecting Step 3 Your PC is connected to the VeniceConnected WiFi Step 4 Open your favourite web browser and go to any site (i.e. Step 5 At the bottom page, you will find a list of websites that are accessible through the free wifi network. Clicking on “Rolling Venice”, you can access the pages of the discounts guide, where you can find information / news / latest discounts! If you purchase a WIFI Pass, you should enter your Username and Password.  Hotspot VeniceConnected To see the hotspots’ list in Venice and Mestre go to this website address: (WI FI section). 

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