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How to use the Venezia Unica City Pass

Discover how to collect your passes and enjoy the services you have purchased: collection methods differ according to the services you have selected.

Please note! Where and how you collect your pass depends on the services you have selected. Where and how to collect or enjoy each individual product or service you have purchased is specified on the VOUCHER (with your PNR code).

To use public transportation, you can collect your pass by entering your personal PNR booking code at one of the ACTV automatic ticket machines or by presenting your voucher (PNR booking code) at one of the many Points of Sale and Collection in the city. You will receive a pass to use for the city’s public transportation services.
Whereas for admission to the Museums, the Churches or to use the other services you have purchased, you must present your voucher or City Pass (with the PNR code) at the entrance.

We remind you to carefully check how to use each service or product you have purchased. For a short summary, please print the confirmation voucher that will appear after your credit card purchase has been approved.
If necessary, reprint your voucher after connecting to the web page from the link you will find in your confirmation email. The voucher contains your unique PNR code. Each PNR code must be displayed upon request.
•    Should you lose your confirmation email, you can still retrieve the details of your purchase in the find your voucher section.

You can retrieve your PNR code in the website section until the Voucher expires, which is 24 months after date of purchase. At the end of this term, the services you have purchased will reach their expiration date, and it will no longer be possible to retrieve the relative Vouchers.
You may use the products you purchased within 24 months of the date of purchase (printed on the voucher as “date of validity”) except for products with a specific expiration date, such as AVM parking: in this case the expiration date is the exact date for which the service was purchased and must be used.


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    Public Transport Services (vaporetto and buses in the City of Venice)



    Parking fee for automobiles. Daily rate for 24 consecutive hours.