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Emporio etico Filò leather goods

Emporio etico Filò


  • address: Cannaregio 1224, Campo del Ghetto Vecchio - Venezia
  • phone number: 041 5403245
  • email:
  • web site:
  • information for booking your visit: to book your visit, contact Massimo Renno on his mobile phone, tel. 329 9060164.

Filò artisanal leather goods workshop was founded in 1989 as a place of social inclusion and an introduction to work for young people experiencing social hardship, helping them to achieve independence and social redemption through its own educational and work-based project. The artisanal activity takes place in the leather workshop and has established itself over time with its own collection of ethical fashion accessories and hand-made projects centred around community-based design.

The products, made from certified leathers of high environmental and ethical quality, include: women’s and men’s bags, cases, key rings, belts, diaries and accessories made entirely by hand.

The Emporio Etico del Filò is also a meeting place for Venice’s solidarity-based economies and the fair trade movement, a shop of the world for the world and for all the conscious choices that aim to achieve the seventeen objectives set out by the 2030 Agenda. Filò has developed its own idea of beauty in the relationship between craftsmanship, local history and culture, and people who understand the need to enhance the social, economic and cultural content of local supply chains.

Filò artisanal workshop not only seeks to be a workplace, but also a place for work and for understanding that this relationship is not just about self-representation, but also awareness of the role that each craftsman takes on in relation to the context we live in.

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