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Elisabetta Mason's restoration workshop

Elisabetta Mason


After graduating in Oriental Languages from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Elisabetta Mason began working as a gilder in 1986, following in the footsteps of her father Luciano, one of the city’s most famous master gilders, who had been working there since 1940. Under his guidance, she learned the traditional techniques and ancient procedures of the art of gilding, inheriting a know-how that is now the preserve of just a small number of masters.

In her workshop in Santa Croce, Elisabetta Mason carries out gilding, lacquering and restoration work on objects made of wood, stucco or other materials, embellishing frames, carvings and sculptures, decorations and components of Venetian gondolas. The workshop also offers courses to learn gouache and mission gilding techniques.

Venice not only stands out for its architecture, paintings and landscapes, but also for the beautiful interiors that furnish palaces, churches and schools, the work of craftsmen who have preserved and handed down their art over the centuries. These crafts are kept alive today thanks to the dedication and professionalism of a few master craftsmen, who still use secret techniques derived from ancient processes. The goldsmiths apply gold to artefacts made of wood, stucco or other materials, embellishing carvings and sculptures with the splendour and value that only the quintessential precious metal can offer.

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