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Ca' Beltà atelier

Ca' Beltà


  • address: San Marco 4700
  • phone number: 3455347597
  • email:
  • web site:
  • information for booking your visit: by phone, email or website (see the “how to find us” page for the appointment booking form)
Ca’ Beltà is a brand with 100% original Italian quality certification issued by the Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani (Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers).

Lidia and Olena make women’s clothing from start to finish in the heart of Venice, using high-quality, natural materials. They include one-off pieces or items in various sizes to ensure the right fit from XS to XL.

Each garment retains its own authenticity and originality, made unique by a variety of colours and patterns, the use of heavier and lighter fabrics, jewelled buttons, and changes in length and shape. This unique way of producing clothing is not just about satisfying the whim of owning an exclusive item, but about doing so in a context where customers of Ca’ Beltà are always sure to find a garment that will make an impression on their heart. In fact, a small detail is often enough to make you feel more at home in one outfit than another. For Lidia and Olena, work is their passion; it is the constant quest for harmony of materials and shapes, for a perfect combination of colours and details. But their strongest motivation is the conviction that “beauty will save the world”, to cite Dostoevsky.

They have noticed that when a woman is perfectly in tune with her outfit she feels more real, more authentic, more beautiful and more good. And a serene woman cannot help but transform the world around her into a better place where goodness, beauty and authenticity reign supreme.

La chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth, detta dei Carmelitani Scalzi


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