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How to use it

How to use it

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Venezia Unica City Pass is compatible with imob technology and methods of use for public transport are the same. Travel documents (e.g. urban or extra-urban tickets, subscriptions, “pay as you go”, etc.) are recharged within the Venezia Unica City Pass document itself, and can be purchased at the Venezia Unica network or from authorized sellers.

Please remember to always validate the card at the beginning of each journey and when you are changing means of transport. This can be done by nearing your pass to the “hand” icon at the centre of the validator.

To verify contents on your pass:

  1. Press  ?
  2. Ensure that the yellow led light is flashing. Then you have 3 seconds to near your pass to the centre of the validator
  3. On the display screen you will be able to see all the titles (services) present within your pass.

To validate several tickets (in the case of several people)

  1. Near the pass to the validator and wait for the green light
  2. Keep the pass in the centre of the validator and press + or – to change the number of tickets
  3. Press Ok

If you are asked to choose a type of ticket

If you have more than one type of ticket on your pass (i.e. urban and suburban tickets), or if the validator cannot automatically detect the appropriate contract, it will ask you for your choice.

  1. The red light will appear and “Scegliere contratto” (choose type of ticket) will appear on the display screen
  2. Keep the pass in the centre of the validator and press + to see all contracts
  3. Press ok when you have chosen the contract.



Venice residents who will go to a Musei Civici ticket office showing their Venezia Unica city pass a free museum ticket will be issued, also valid for Venice born people.


The Municipal Administration of Venice has created its own optical fibre- and wireless-based network infrastructure. The ownership of a broad-band network allows the city Administration to supply innovative services to those living in, working in, studying in or visiting Venice.
Free network access is reserved to Venice Municipality residents and to "city users"(workers, students, professionals who work in the Municipality of Venice).
To proceed to registration, it is necessary to fill in the online application on this link.

In the future Venezia Unica may also be used to access services offered by other managers: other museums and landmarks, events, gyms, discounts with partner stores, and much more.

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    Parking fee for automobiles. Daily rate for 24 consecutive hours.