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Museums and points of interests geared for kids

Museums and points of interests geared for kids


Doge’s Palace


From the age of 6, adventurous children will be interested in visiting the prisons and crossing the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei sospiri) – just like the convicts did, when reaching their prison cells). Discover “the secret routes” i.e. those places  (offices for records and archives,  prisons....)       used during the “Serenissima”  for important, awkward activities connected to  administrative purposes during the ancient marine republic. Enter the armoury rooms,  where ancient arms and armour are on show.


Museum of Natural History


What child isn't fascinated by dinosaurs and animals? The Museum of Natural History offers children, the possibility of seeing a real dinosaur skeleton that is more that 7 metres long – the Ouranosaurus nigeriensis- , and the skull of a giant crocodile  - Sarchosuchus imperator.  Discover how  Ligabue, the famous palaeontologist and his team uncovered these remains in 1973.

The museum's most important historical collections include the well-stocked butterfly collection and the cetacean gallery.


The Museum of oriental art at Ca' Pesaro


The museum of oriental art offers a spellbinding itinerary for any little samurai or Disney “Mulan” fan wanting to discover ancient Japan and China: on exhibition are Japanese cutting weapons (katane and wakizashi), armour and lances , Japanese musical instruments (shamisen and sho), combs, splendid kimonos and precious chinaware.


The Glass Museum


A once-in-a-lifetime  chance of showing children the art of glass-blowing and glass-making! The museum on the island of Murano where the most famous Venetian glass factories are, traces the history and techniques of glass-making - especially the Murrina production -  through exhibitions of Roman finds from the 1st and 3rd centuries AD in the archaeological section, to  the biggest collection of  Murano glass from 1400s to 1900s.



The Lace Museum


If you have children, this museum deserves visiting, especially if you want to learn more about lace-making - one of Venice's oldest hand-crafts:  The museum is at Burano, the island where  fishermen live in coloured houses and where you can taste “Bussolà Buranelli”, the local biscuits made from butter and eggs. The museum has a collection of more than two hundred precious pieces of lace from various eras going from 1500 to 1900. They have all been produced with various techniques, using Burano and Venezia stitches.  You can see the lace-making experts at work during opening hours.


The Venice Planetarium


Does your son like astronomy and is he 6 years old or more? Take him to the Planetarium at the Lido for one of the showings. He will be able to enjoy the blue Venetian sky depicted above, and witness interesting explanations on astronomy (from October to May, only on Sunday afternoons. Entry free)


Naval History Museum


The Naval history Museum is within walking distance of St. Mark's Square and the Ducal Palace.  It holds boats that are characteristic of the lagoon area. There are bragozzos, which are a type of wooden sailing boat used for fishing in the Adriatic, gondolas, and a reproduction of the Bucintoro or Bucentaur-  a state barge used by the doge during the symbolic “marriage of the sea” ceremony held during the “Festa della Sensa” celebrations on Ascension day. There are also models of ships used during the “Serenissima”  period from 1200 to 1700 and models of famous Italian Naval ships. Children will also like the huge collection of shells.

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